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TRIPLE FULL SIZE is a deep diving model that has been developed from theSHOT family to take on deep ranges of up to 4 metres. Taking into account the large size of the lure, the action has beensuppressed to create a tight wobble action. It can be used effectively in awide range of situations from clear water to muddy water. TRIPLE FULL SIZE makes use of the same separate lip design, that has beenused in the FULL SIZE and DOUBLE FULL SIZE models. Based on the lure colour the line-up makes use of both BONE WHITE ABS and clear ABS material. The different material makes the lures differ in action and sound to create a wide range of appeal throughout the overall line-up. Designed to overcome the heavy drag typically associated with deep water cranks. This lure can be used all day with the absolute minimum amount of effort and stress to the angler. TRIPLE FULL SIZE makes use of the new NON-STICK bill that vastly reduces the amount of snags on weeds and soft bottoms. The lip is also fitted with a casting fin to give the lure stability in flight and allow long casts that are an absolute necessary when deep cranking. Deep cranking does not afford the angler any chance for complicated techniques, which makes the lures ability all the more important. The new lure in the famous SHOT line-up, TRIPLE FULL SIZE is about to make your game fishing hot!

Non stick bill

Non stick bill is a new design lip. It is made thicker on the edges. This
prevents the bill from digging into weed and soft bottoms on contact. It is
the opposite from the now fashionable ultra thin chip board lips, however
it has been designed to assist consistent strategic cranking fishing


Type Depth Length Weight
Low Sound / Floating 3.5~4.5m / 14lb 75mm 21.5g


13M Matt Hot Tiger
13M Matt Hot Tiger (Bone)
71H Hologram US Gold Rush
71H Hologram US Gold Rush (Bone)
120 Live Gill
120 Live Gill (Clear)
137 Blue Chartreuse Tiger
137 Blue Chartreuse Tiger (Bone)
138 Live HASU
138 Live HASU (Clear)
189 Bone Chartreuse
189 Bone Chartreuse (Bone)
190 Bone Pearl AYU
190 Bone Pearl AYU (Bone)
191 Bone Gill
191 Bone Gill (Bone)
192 Sparkle Ghost Chartreuse
192S Sparkle Ghost Chartreuse (Clear)
193 Sparkle Green Minnow
193S Sparkle Green Minnow (Clear)

194H Hologram AYU (Clear)

205HM Fine Tennessee (Clear)

206 Gold HASU (Bone)

207 Flashing Gill(Clear)

208 Tanabe Select Tigar (Bone)

*Lure material is written in parentheses.