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Norio Tanabe has designed many straight worms, and using hisexperience he has developed a straight worm that can be used with a jig head, wacky rigged and even wacky jig head rigged, the 4-1/2"FIRIMP. The half circle design, and new material in FIRIMP create aunique fine vibration. The narrow tail, and when wacky rigged thewhole worm, create fine vibrations to attract and appeal in a verynatural way. When light rigs are catching fish, the 4-1/2" FIRIMP is your best partner.


FIRIMP’s most important feature is its half circle design. This design creates a natural fine vibration that really shines in high pressure situations. The aerodynamic half circle design and the materials own weight work to improve castability. Scent & flavour has also been strengthened to increase bite time, for easy hooking. FIRIMP, a soft bait that never gives up.


Length (inch / mm) Pcs.
4-1/2"class / 111mm 7pcs.

Color Chart - FIRIMP

004 Watermelon Black Flk. (weighted)
004 Watermelon Black Flk.
007 Smoke Black+Silver Glt.(weighted)
007 Smoke Black+Silver Glt.
043 Light Green Pumpkin (weighted)
043 Light Green Pumpkin
051 Blue Gill (weighted)
051 Blue Gill
072 TENAGA Shrimp (weighted)
072 TENAGA Shrimp
114 Lake AYU (weighted)
114 Lake AYU
175 Clear / Dark smoke Back (weighted)
175 Clear / Dark Smoke Back
244 Light Green Pumpkin RedFlk.(weighted)
244 Light Green Pumpkin Red Flk.
273 Watermelon Blue Flk.(weighted)
273 Watermelon Blue Flk.
274 Watermelon Gold+Black Flk.(weighted)
274 Watermelon Gold+Black Flk.