Everybody knows that when crank baits can work when spoons don’t. However is there a rod that can work in those difficult situations? A rod with enough power to win over the cranks baits pull, enough elasticity to hook up on very light bites, and a smooth working curve to prevent the loss of hooked fish. The new 3 piece design “BOW ARROW” is made to achieve this. Designed with the utmost care from the butt to the tip, to the guide
positions it make the most of the 3 piece design. A balanced design of “power, elasticity and bend” it delivers more than 3 piece shave ever, and will change the way anglers crank bait for trout.

Made as light as possible to allow the angler to feel every wobble from very light lures, it is fitted with light titanium AT SIC Guides
Fitted with a VSS reel seat that moulds around the little finger and a separate cork grip. It picks up and transfers even the smallest vibration to the angler.
An advantage of 3 pieces designs it has a Spigot Ferure that loads up when casting and provides torque when netting the fish.
Irregular 3 piece design
Designed not for portability, the rod lengths are uneven however they are made taking into account the optimum joint position.
Fitted with WBC balance end, it comes with 6.5g aluminium spacer. The rod can be adjusted to suit the angler’s preference by using the separately sold coloured balancers.


TROUT PROGRAM "Bow Arrow 57" - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
5'7" 3 1 - 3lb 0.8 - 2.9g Moderate Light 91g

The relatively stiff blanks allow the angler to directly control the lure. BOW ARROW 57 is made for technical cranking, allows the angler to slightly adjust the movement of the lure for action on the lure or attract with stop and go techniques. In calm conditions it also works well for straight retrieves with minnows as well.

TROUT PROGRAM "Bow Arrow 60" - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'0" 3 2 - 4lb 0.8 - 2.9g Moderate Light 92g

A must have items for tournament anglers. Made for middle to deep cranking, it is built with a taper to pick up on even the lightest of bites. The powerful torque in this 3 piece rod makes for easy netting after hooking. The rod to have from the BOW ARROW series.

TROUT PROGRAM "Bow Arrow 64" - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'4" 3 2 - 5lb 0.8 - 3.5g Moderate Light 96g

BOW ARROW 64 is a multi purpose rod for shallow to deep cranking. High valuable when fish are active and you are searching for trout to catch. Of course it casts well, but is also designed for technical close work as well. A rod that will satisfy tournament anglers and beginners alike.