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"TREJU 133"

Many saltwater predatory fish have a common habit, they search for prey on top water. If the conditions are right this opportunity presents an amazing fishing experience for direct up tempo fishing. TREJU 133 from NORIES unique Feint Body line up fills these conditions. The clear body creates a "feint effect" to attract and entice fish to take the bait. The large body gives the lure amazing castability and big size popping action, yet the small silhouette caused by the FEINT body design, entices the target fish to bite. The FEINT effect is liking having the best of two lures in the one design. The wide sideways slide and horizontal position belies the actual thin body design. Designed to stay in position, the lure can be used in a focus approach on a single spot enraging predatory fish for spectacular bites. The "penetration wire" design allows the angler to safely net even monster fish capable of cracking a lure in two. FEINT BAIT TREJU 133 is ready to liven up game fishing.

"Penetration Wire" Design


Model Type Depth Length Weight
TREJU 133 Floating / Silent Surface 133mm (105mmFEINT) 19.0g

Color Chart - TREJU 133


S-18HFB FB Horogram Green IWASHI

S-29CHFB FB Clear Horogram Smoke

S-41FB FB Clear Chartreuse

S-42HFB FB Horogram Pink IWASHI