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Designed for targeting structure and piers when sea bass fishing. Typically minnows or
vibration baits are used in these situations; however it is not uncommon for sea bass to
be unable to chase down vibration bait or for minnows to be unable to attract fish from
far away. This is all too common in popular high pressure waters. The best bait for this
situation is the stick jerk bait, ZAG STICK SW 85. It darts quickly and wildly from side to
side with a simple twitch of the rod tip. Its flashing and resonance through the water
attract fish from down deep to the lure. Designed to be slow sinking on pause, it gives
the sea bass time to come up and take the bait. On straight retrieve it swims in an S
shape back to the angler. More appealing than a jig head rigged worm and more natural
than a minnow lure, it brings on bites. Different from a minnow, vibration bait and jig
head rigged worm, ZAGSTICK SW 85 makes a whole new range of tactics possible.



The ZAGSTICK dives from side to side, speedily darting tracing back a straight line to the retrieve. A normal line eye means that the snap and split ring can get caught and result in a failed dart action. The half hard eye overcomes this problem, by sinking roughly half of the line eye in to the body of the lure. It makes stable and responsive dart
action a reality.



This is the fin protruding from the bottom of the lure. What may look like decoration is actually a very important feature that gives ZAGSTICK SW85 its dart action. After the dart, the fin catches the water and makes the lure tun sharply into the next dart. This is what gives it its unique Z shape dart action.


Type Length Weight
Slow Sinking / Silent 85mm 11.8g

Color Chart - ZAG STICK SW85

S-17H ホロマイワシ
S-17H Hologram MAIWASHI
S-18H ホログリーンイワシ
S-18H Hologram Green IWASHI
S-19H ホロレッドゴールドイワシ
S-19H Hologram Red Gold IWASHI
S-20H ホロパープルイワシ
S-20H Hologram Purple IWASHI
S-22 トラッドブルーシルバー
S-22 Traditional Blue Silver
S-23 ピンクシルバー
S-23 Pink Silver
S-24 ブラッディレッドシルバー
S-24 Bloody Red Silver
S-25 チャートシルバー
S-25 Chartreuse Silver
S-27 レッドヘッドシルバー
S-27 Redhead Silver
S-31 クリアチャート
S-31 Clear Chartreuse
S-32CH クリアホロスモークオレンジベリー
S-32CH Clear Hologram Smoke Orange Belly
S-33 プロブルーレッドベリー
S-33 Pro Blue Red Belly