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The WORMING CRANK SHOT DOUBLE FULLSIZE that is designed for targeting 3m ranges, has been reworked and has been released again as the new SHOT OVER 3. Depending on the colour the most effective material, BONE WHITE ABS or CLEAR ABS has been selected for the optimum action. Using a complicated mix of tungsten, steel and brass weights and maximizing the buoyancy compartments allows SHOT OVER 3 to have a main rolling action. The lure design takes into account the body size and action and balances them for a low appeal type lure. Designed with a casting fin under the lip that stabilizes the lure in flight for extended castability that is a must have for all deep crank baits./p>


Type Depth Length Weight
Floating / Low Sound 12lb / 3~3.5m 62mm 16.5g

Color Chart - SHOT OVER 3


137 Blue Chartreuse Tiger (Bone)

190 Bone Pearl AYU(Bone)

207H Hologram Flashing Gill (Bone)2013NEW

213H Hologram Lake Shad (Bone) 2013NEW

216M Muddy Sence II (Bone)2013NEW

220 Lemon Pearl Shad (Clear)2013NEW

221 Natural Gold (Bone)2013NEW

230 Sexy Shad (Bone)

237 Half Mirror Chartreuse (Clear)

238 Half Mirror WAKASAGI (Clear)

239 Chartreuse Black Shad (Bone)

241 Pearl AYU Orange Bellyse (Bone)

246 Tanebe select Tigar II (Bone)

247 Blue Mirror Shad (Clear)

248 Reaction Lime Chartreuse (Bone)

249 Premium Gold Shad (Clear)

250 Tradional Purple Chartreuse (Bone)

259 Chartreuse Sexy Shad (Bone)

266M Matt Green Gold Tigar (Bone)2013NEW

274 US Green Shad (Bone)2013NEW

275 Brown Shower Dad (Bone)2013NEW
*Lure material is written in parentheses.