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The classic 4m deep diver WORMING CRANK SHOT TRIPLE FULL SIZE has been fitted with a tungsten weight system and released as the new SHOT OVER 4. Each colour has been strategically matched with either a clear ABS body material or the high buoyancy bone white material, to make the most effective use of the rattle sound when fishing in particular conditions. The tight wobble action works well over a wide range of water conditions. SHOT OVER 4 is also fitted with a casting fin under the lip that provides stability in flight for longer casts. Not only this, it also has the unique "non-stick lip" design that prevents the lure from becoming stuck in soft lake bottoms or weedy areas. SHOT OVER 4 is critically balanced for an easy retrieve that will allow anglers to search out over wide areas for lunker bass!


Type Depth Length Weight
Low Sound / Floating 14lb./3.5~4.5m 75mm 21.5g

Color Chart - SHOT OVER4


137 Blue Chartreuse Tiger (Bone)

230 Sexy Shad (Bone)

237 Half Mirror Chartreuse (Clear)

238 Half Mirror WAKASAGI (Clear)

239 Chartreuse Black Shad (Bone)

241 Pearl AYU Orange Belly (Bone)

246 TANABE Select Tiger II (Bone)

247 Blue Mirror Shad Mirror Shad (Clear)

248 Reaction Lime Chartreuse (Bone)

249 Premium Gold Shad (Clear)

250 Traditional Purple Chartreuse (Bone)

*Lure material is written in parentheses.