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Dives deeper than commonly accepted 5 m limit for deep diving hard baits. Moreover SHOT OVER 5 does it without kneeling or using any difficult techniques, from a standing posture on a simple straight retrieve allowing the angler to trace over deep structure. Made the same size as the popular TRIPLE FULL SIZE, 75 mm, it dives 5.4 m on 14 lb line and 6.0 m on 10 lb line. The small body size means less water friction for easy retrieves therefore reducing strain over long fishing sessions. SHOT OVER 5 is also fitted with a casting fin under the lip for stable long casts and a non stick bill design to reduce snagging around weed and soft bottom lakes. The tight wobble roll action is great for all conditions, from clear and to muddy lakes. Also by producing the lip and body separately the body can be made from either clear ABS or white ABS material depending on the body colour. This makes a large range of sound and action possible for wide appeal from different colours. SHOT OVER 5 allows the angler to fish faster than ever before in deep water, for extremely effective deep water fishing.


Type Depth Length Weight
Low Sound / Floating 14lb./5.4m 10lb./6.0m 75mm 24.8g

Color Chart - SHOT OVER 5


137 Blue Chartreuse Tiger(Bone)

190 Bone Pearl AYU(Bone)

194H Hologram AYU(Bone)

207H Hologram Flashing Blue GILL(Bone)

208 TANABE Select Tiger(Bone)

221 Natural Gold(Bone)

230 Sexy Shad (Bone)

237 Half Mirror Chartreuse (Clear)

238 Half Mirror WAKASAGI (Clear)

239 Chartreuse Black Shad (Bone)

241 Pearl AYU Orange Belly (Bone)

246 TANABE Select Tiger ( Bone)

247 Blue Mirror Shad (Clear)

248 Reaction Lime Chartreuse(Bone)

249 Premium Gold Shad (Clear)

250 Traditional Purple Chartreuse (Bone)

259Chartreuse Sexy Shad (Bone)

266M Matt Green Gold Tiger (Bone)

*Lure material is written in parentheses.