The new saltwater gamefish is flatfish. Many hard-core anglers have enjoyed fishing for flatfish for many years, and now its appeal has been discovered by new set of anglers. Being able to be enjoyed almost everywhere, and with a wide range of various techniques available, it is enough to make even veterans quiver with excitement. It is fast becoming a very popular gamefish and with this comes the demand for new methods and supporting tackle. Enter "ROOTS OF OCEAN", specialist flatfish series that is crafted to meet core demands and to support new techniques, "FLATFISH PROGRAM".


Titanium frame SIC guides. Top guide is MNST, and 74/88 principally uses YSG with an LDB guide on the tip. 96 uses all K-guides to reduce line trouble with PE.


SAND WAVE74 - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Weight
7'4" 2 6 - 12LB. 7 - 21g Fast 140

This rod has been designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy while delivering larger baits up to 1/2 ounce around reefed areas. This rod demonstrates the perfect balance of a soft sensitive tip section being able to detect the most sensitive nibble, while still having an incredibly strong butt section delivering enough torque to succumb large fish. This rod gives the angler complete control when fishing standard 1/6, 1/4 or 1/2 ounce rigs. A great rod for fishing in deep water to schooled fish.

ROUGH SURF88 - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Weight
8'8" 2 8 - 16LB. 10 - 40g Fast 165

This is a powerful rod designed for casting large baits in rough conditions. Easily strong enough to deliver baits to 1oz the 88 has an incredibly strong butt section yet having a sensitive tip section allowing the angler unparalleled control over larger prey. This rod blank design has drawn its inspiration from ‘sea bass’ rods that are built to deliver in the toughest conditions. Strong enough to handle even the unexpected large game fish, it is a must have high performance item for beach fishing.

SHOOTING SURF 96 - Spinning Model

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Weight
9'6" 2 8~16lb.
10-40g Fast 170g

When fishing in the surf for game fish, you need a finely balanced rod to get control over your lure despite the tough conditions. SHOOTING SURF 96 is a long rod, but still has amazing control over the lure at hand. Even when the waves are up, it allows the angler to keep in control and focus for extended sessions. Able to be used with jighead and heavy Carolina rigs, it can also easily master large 120 mm minnow lures and 1 oz metal jigs and vibration baits. SHOOTING SURF96 is designed to be a central part of any surf angler's tackle.