"Boat Day Gam", it has been only ten years since Sea bass fishing changed from day to night fishing. Now a days you could say that Sea bass is considered an "easy saltwater game fish that guarantees fish in the boat". However if you talk to our NORIES pro staff, they will tell you "Sea bass has that sort of appeal, but that’s not all there is to it. It is easy to go with a guide, and let them show you where the fish are, however just once I would like every angler to really set a goal for the fishing, and work with their guide to make it a reality. That’s what makes Sea bass fishing really fun". It’s looking for more in Sea bass fishing that drives these anglers. Trying to understand more about Sea bass, get closer to Sea bass, this approach has been key to the development of SEABASS PROGRAM.
We have sought to develop a rod that satisfies both the anglers' desires for accuracy, control and torque, as well as requirements for the Sea bass, such as hooking and control during fight. It is people like the NORIES pro staff who really understand the necessary balance of these desires and requirements.
NORIES has taken these requests and combined it with NORIES famous high torque blanks. The flexible and elastic graphite forms a base, which is built with a variable taper that adjusts to the weight upon the rod. The rods are then repeatedly tested in a variety of situations with different lures, to discover not just the perfect balance of power and length, but a more in depth and total balance for the 5 rod line-up.
Catching Sea bass that can be caught is straight forward. However catching Sea bass that can’t be caught… that is what SEABASS PROGRAM was made to do. If you are looking at taking your fishing to the next level, SEABASS PROGRAM is your best partner.


The BOOST CASTING HANDLE system of high torque blanks prevents rebound, and makes the most of short swing casts for powerful casting. By putting extra weight in the grip, the wrist naturally becomes the casting pivot point. Focusing the pivot point on the wrist means that the rod feels lighter almost like casting a short rod, with the blanks easily bending and loading up for powerful casting. With the wrist as a “launch pad” for the rod, it makes full use of the elastic blanks, overcoming onward winds and rough conditions when using technical casting techniques. The spinning rods are fitted with VSS reel seats for ease of grip, and bait rods are equipped with ACS reel seats for ultimate ease of casting and movement. Both designs assist the angler in controlling hooked fish on long fishing sessions.


Titanium frame SIC guide to prevent rusting. Both bait and spinning rods follow a new concept in guide layout, using MNST as a top guide, with spinning rods fitted with LDB guides on the tip for trouble free long distance casting with PE line.


66MS DARK SIDE PLAYER - Spinning Model for Jighead & Jerk Bait

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'6” 1 8 - 14LB. 7 - 20g Variable-Moderate Medium 162g

Day game is where you can really enjoy exciting fishing around structure. Casting lures into difficult gaps and up into shady areas requires accuracy, but it also demands controllability for applying action such as twitching and jerking. 66MS is designed with both in mind to make the most of even the smallest gaps and shady areas. 66MS allows the anger to control the lure as they desire, achieving retrieve angles, patterns and lure presentations that Sea bass cannot resist. The feeling of hooking a Sea bass against structure, and then having the built-in torque of the rod pull the fish towards the boat is second to nothing. Designed to make the most of shady areas around structure, 66MS welcomes you to the dark side.

611MLS LONG CAST CHARGER - Spinning Model for Minnow & Vibration

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'11" 1 6 - 14LB. 7 - 18g Variable-Fast Medium-Light 160g

Designed for easy long distant approaches and high torque. Perfectly balanced, this rod loads up on cast with the weight of the lure for long casts off short swings. Long casts from 611MLS let the angler keep the lure in the productive zone for longer. Not only designed for casting, it is balanced to create perfect action on retrieve as well. Quality that you can expect from SEABASS PROGRAM.

72LLS TIDE CONTROLLER - Spinning Model for Light Plug & Jighead

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
7'2" 1 4 - 10LB. 5 - 12g Variable-Moderate Light-Light 167g

Straight retrieve is an important technique in any fishing situation. It is however not just about winding in the lure; straight retrieve is an aggressive technique. The rod plays a big part in feeling the flow of the current and making sure the lure is constantly moving in the current against the water. This is of course true for minnows, but even more so for lipless and jig head rigs. Where it is necessary to keep the lure swimming and under control 72LLS is your best partner. Also a fantastic rod to pick up short bites in tough conditions.

66MHC TIGHT UNLIMITED - Bait Casting Model for Top Water & Jerk Bait

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'6" 1 8 - 16LB. 8 - 25g Variable-Fast Medium-Heavy 165g

66MHC makes the most of the accuracy only possible with bait casters, when using thick line in tight situations. Made for accuracy that is needed when casting under structure into shade, and controllability when using pencil or jerk baits. Specially designed material and taper make it possible to pick up Sea bass bites, for “no miss” fishing. Built with a sensitive tip for ultimate lure control and butt power to stop big fish in their tracks, they are joined by a perfect bending curve to take your lure fishing to the next level.

611HC CURRENT DRIVER - Bait Casting Model for Vibration & Metal bait

Length Piece Line Lure Taper Power Weight
6'11" 1 10 - 20LB. 10 - 30g Variable-Moderate Heavy 174g

611HC is designed for long casts on open water when using high appeal large minnows or vibration baits. The LM30 graphite has enough power for strong hooking on tailspin jigs, while reducing lost fish due to its amazing flexible strength. Designed with a high torque taper for loading up the lure on cast, it reduces fatigue to the angler when casting long distance.