OCEAN TRAVELLER EGI is a versatile 4 piece rod designed for easy travel, both domestic and overseas. Fantastic for fishing when travelling, it has an amazing bending curve previously not thought possible in a 4 piece rod. It also comes with its own specialised original hard case. A rod for the fishermen seeking out new challenges abroad and at home.

Fitted with a VSS reel seat that allows the angler to firmly grip the rod with their little finger and an EVA grip handle design that assists the angler to cast all day long.
Fitted with titanium guides, SUPER OCEAN TOP + LDB + YSG. Designed for trouble free fishing, the light design relieves stress and fatigue on the angler.
Spigot Ferrule

4 piece compact design, comes with original hard case.


OTE844M - Spinning Model

Length Piece Egi Line Taper Weight
8'4" 4 #2.5 - #4 PE0.6 - 1.5 Moderate 150g

An all-rounder that can be used from rocks, piers, off the beach, almost anywhere. The tip not only supports action place on the squid jig, its sensitivity works to make technical actions easier. The smooth bending curve and parabolic action relives angler stress and fatigue.

OTE844MH - Spinning Model

Length Piece Egi Line Taper Weight
8'4" 4 #2.5 - #4 PE0.6 - 1.5 Fast 158g

Made for any size squid jig, the sharp 4 piece blanks enable powerful jerk action. The rod taper is designed for sharp squid jig action and light design reduces angler fatigue for stress free fishing. Equipped with enough power in the butt to handle monster size squid at a distance.